Rediscover & Reclaim your Heritage

YahLife is a national entity that provides governance, social programs, and economic opportunities to descendants of the transatlantic slave trade and the communities we were torn away from to rediscover and reclaim our unique heritage and live to our full potential across our Spiritual, Mental, Financial, and Emotional Life.


YahLife national trust is established to provide guidance, support, and logistics for people victimized by the transatlantic slave trade and the African communities they were torn away from. Our misson is to reunite these disconnected communities with their spiritual and worldly inheritance.
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Join our daily prayer groups and weekly Sabbath services led by our community leaders and Levite Priest.
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Buy and sell products made by us for us
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You get access to well-trusted individuals who can provide resources and advice to keep you going.
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YahLife offers courses that helps you grow your knowledge in your area of expertise and other spheres of life.

We provide a social platform to keep you family connected, entertained, and productive. 

As the leader of your family, we believe in helping you maintain a great family bond in ways that makes everyone in your family happy and excited. YahLife features a Family tree which gives family members access to national services. Once you join Yahlife Nation, your entire family joins the Nation!


We represent a distinct group of people whose inalienable human rights will be promoted and protected.  Around 200 million melanated people in the Americas and 85 million in Africa are being re-united as a global force for change!

YahFair - An eCommerce Platform

YahFair is an eCommerce and Freelance platform that allows us to benefit from the monetization of our culture. It i€™s a place where ethnic clothes, music, products, and services are sold. Every items sold on YahFair is subject to a transaction fee that is distributed as a dividend to the citizens of Yahlife Nation. When you encourage someone to purchase items on YahFair your are encouraging them to support the propogation of our culture and the economic development of our communities. 

A place to learn and improve.

We aggregate and disseminate cultural and spiritual content, within our communities, that have been programmed by the introduction of euro content and education systems. We provide re-education on our cultural family structure, etiquette, and interrelationships.

YahBank - A Currency For Us By Us

Yahbank is a central banking system that allocates currency based on service to your community.  We all have a role to play in the development, security, and efficient functioning of our national community. Everyone's contribution is valued and every Yahlife Citizen has a right to prosperity, peace, and providence. Our stable Community Service Credit system promotes the development of our society, fair distribution of national resources, and the highest living standards in the world. 

YahStream - Entertainment that keeps you going

YahStream is a streaming platform that aggregates and streams spiritually conscious content within our communities to promote a positive self image and righteous living. The platform provides videos, music, TV shows and podcasts that help you become a better man.

Ready to grow yourself as a man?